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When you need to look your best for a special event, it’s worth going that extra mile in pursuit of perfection. Stiletto Styling’s airbrush makeup services represent that final step in your preparations, the ultimate in cosmetic techniques as used by Hollywood and the modelling industry for decades. Simply look through our gallery of exquisite airbush makeup artistry and be convinced by the results.

Go beyond everyday cosmetics with airbrush makeup application technology

Those unfamiliar with airbrush cosmetics might not appreciate the tremendous advantages the process offers over ordinary makeup. The technology allows makeup to be applied by spraying, instead of painting imprecisely onto the skin. In skilled hands this can be faster, cleaner, and more hygienic, as well as allowing for more complex makeup effects. When you’re trying to achieve the highest standards of appearance there’s no alternative to a professional airbrushing.

Be perfect down to every pore

Even when you’re trying to achieve a more standard look, airbrushing has clear advantages over traditional makeup treatments. The cosmetics used with airbrush applicators are proven to be harder-wearing, lasting for up to 24 hours. The airbrushing effect – spraying the makeup in microscopic droplets – distributes it lightly and evenly across the face, creating a natural sheen and avoiding that nasty, caked appearance. We can even tune the airbrush formula to be waterproof or suit other specific makeup needs for your big Melbourne event.

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You want to be able to look back on your event with joy, but high definition video and professional photography is only as good as your look on the day. Airbrush makeup services such as Stiletto Styling’s have been the standard in film and television for years because they are as close to perfect as possible, standing up to the most intense scrutiny even after hours of wear. Book yours today to make sure you get a look which will last forever – call 614 3088 5525 to speak to our stylists.  

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